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100. J. Ahn+, S. Park+, D. Oh, Y. Lim, J. Nam, J. Kim, W. Jung, and I.-D. Kim*

Rapid Joule Heating Synthesis of Oxide-Socketed High-Entropy Alloy Nanoparticles as CO2 Conversion Catalysts

ACS Nano (Accepted)

동환 Appl Catal B 2023.jpg
99. D. Oh+, F. Colombo+, L. Nodari, J. H. Kim, J. K. Kim, S. Lee, S. Kim, S. Kim. D.-K. Lim, J. Seo, S. Ahn, S. Mascotto*, and W. Jung*

+ These authors contributed equally to this work

Rocking chair-like movement of ex-solved nanoparticles on the Ni-Co doped La0.6Ca0.4FeO3-δ oxygen carrier during chemical looping reforming coupled with CO2 splitting

Applied Catalysis B: Environmental (Accepted)

준규 ACS Nano 2023.jpg
98. D.-H. Kim+, J. K. Kim+, D. Oh, S. Park, Y. B. Kim, J. Ko, W. Jung*, and I.-D. Kim*

+ These authors contributed equally to this work

Ex-Solution Hybrids Functionalized on Oxide Nanofibers for Highly Active and Durable Catalytic Materials

ACS Nano 17 (2023) 5842-5851 (click)

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97. J. K. Kim+, S. Kim+, S. Kim, H. J. Kim, K. Kim*, W. Jung*, and J. W. Han*

+ These authors contributed equally to this work

Dynamic Surface Evolution of Metal Oxides for Autonomous Adaptation to Catalytic Reaction Environments

Advanced Materials 35 (2023) 2203370 (click)


AFM with cover (박세연씨).png
96. S. Park, S. Jeon, H. Kim, J. Philips, D. Oh, J. Ahn, M. Kim, C. Park, S. Hong, J. Kim, W. Jung, and I. D. Kim*

Imparting metal oxides with high sensitivity toward light-activated NO2 detection via tailored interfacial chemistry

Advanced Functional Materials (2023) 2214008 (click)

-Back Cover-

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95. H. Sun+, L. Li+, Y. Chen+, H. Kim, X. Xu, D. Guan, Z. Hu, L. Zhang*, Z. Shao*, and W. Jung*

+These authors contributed equally to this work

Boosting ethanol oxidation by NiOOH-CuO nano-heterostructure for energy-saving hydrogen production and biomass upgrading

Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 325 (2023) 122388 (click)

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94. S. Park, Y. Lim, D. Oh, J. Ahn, C. Park, M. Kim, W. Jung, J. Kim, and I.-D. Kim*

Steering selectivity in detection of exhaled biomarkers over oxide nanofibers dispersed with noble metals

Journal of Materials Chemistry A 11 (2023) 3535-3545 (click)

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93. Y. B. Kim+, S. Kim+, J. Kim, J. K. Kim, S. J. Jeong, D. Oh, and W. Jung*

+These authors contributed equally to this work

Synthesis of Highly Tunable Alloy Nanocatalyst through Heterogeneous Doping Method

Advanced Science 10(5) (2023) 2370029 (click)

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92. H. Sun+, H. Kim+, X. Xu, L. Fei, W. Jung*, and Z. Shao*

+These authors contributed equally to this work

Thin Films Fabricated by Pulsed Laser Deposition for Electrocatalysis

Renewables 1(1) (2023) 21-38 (click)

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91. N. Tsvetkov+, D. Kim+, I. Jeong+, J. H. Kim+, S. Ahn, K. T. Lee*, and W. Jung*

+ These authors contributed equally to this work

Advances in Materials and Interface Understanding in Protonic Ceramic Fuel Cells

Advanced Materials Technologies (2022) 2201075 (click)

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90. S. Jeon+, J. Seo+, J.W. Shin+, S. Lee, H.G. Seo, S. Lee, N. Tsvetkov
J. Kim, J. An*, and W. Jung*

+These authors contributed equally to this work

Metal-oxide nanocomposite catalyst simultaneously boosts the oxygen reduction reactivity and chemical stability of solid oxide fuel cell cathode

Chemical Engineering Journal 455 (2023) 140611 (click)

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89. S. Lee, S. Kim, T. Kim, C. Lin, W.-J. Lee, S.-J. Kim, R. J Gorte, and W. Jung*

The effects of iron oxide overlayers on Pt for CO oxidation

Catalysis Communications 172 (2022) 106549 (click)

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88. S. S. Ha, B. Koo, I. H. Cho, J. Kim, J-W. Kim, W. Jung, and D. Y. Noh∗


Strain Relaxation in Epitaxial SrTi0.5Fe0.5O3−δ Thin Films on LaAlO3: an X-ray Reciprocal Space Mapping Study

Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids 173 (2022) 111104 (click)

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87. J. Kim+, Y. Choi+, D.-K. Lim, J. Yoo, H. G. Seo, S. Kim, S. Kim, and W. Jung*

+ These authors contributed equally to this work. 

Electrochemically plated nickel-decorated ceria nanostructures for direct hydrocarbon solid oxide fuel cell electrodes

Journal of Materials Chemistry A 10 (2022) 20886-20895 (click)

From the themed collection: Journal of Materials Chemistry A HOT Papers

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86. H. Sun+, J. Liu+, H. Kim, S. Song, L. Fei,  Z. Hu, H.-J. Lin, C.-T. Chen, F. Ciucci*, and W. Jung*

+ These authors contributed equally to this work. 

Ni-doped CuO Nanoarrays Activate Urea Adsorption and Stabilizes Reaction Intermediates to Achieve High-performance Urea Oxidation Catalysts

Advanced Science 9 (2022) 2204800 (click)

85. Cover+ToC.png
85. H. G. Seo, D. H. Kim, J. Seo, S. J. Jeong, J. Kim, H. L. Tuller,
J.-W. Son*, and W. Jung*


High-Performance and Durable Fuel Cells using Co/Sr-Free Fluorite-Based Mixed Conducting (Pr,Ce)O2-δ Cathode

Advanced Energy Materials 12 (2022) 2202101 (click)

-Front Cover-

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84. J. Liu+, J. K. Kim+, Y. Wang+, H. Kim+, A. Belotti, B. Koo, Z. Wang,
W. Jung*, and F. Ciucci*

+These authors contributed equally to this work.

Understanding and mitigating A-site surface enrichment in Ba-containing perovskites: a combined computational and experimental study of BaFeO3

Energy & Environmental Science 15 (2022) 4069-4082 (click)

-Front Cover-

84 ToC.jpeg
83. Y. Choi+, H.-J. Cho+, J. Kim, J.-Y. Kang, J. Seo, J. H. Kim, S. J. Jeong, D.-K. Lim, I.-D. Kim* and W. Jung*

+These authors contributed equally to this work.

Nanofiber Composites as Highly Active and Robust Anodes for Direct-Hydrocarbon Solid Oxide Fuel Cells

ACS Nano 16(9) (2022) 14517–14526 [click]

J. Seo et al. ACS Catal. 2022.png
82. J. Seo+S. Jeon+, S. Lee, D.-K. Lim, J. H. Kim, J. H. Kim, S. Ahn, and W. Jung*

+These authors contributed equally to this work. 

Oxidative Strong Metal Support Interaction Induced by Amorphous TiOx Seed Layer Boosts the Electrochemical Performance and High-temperature Durability of Pt Nanocatalysts

ACS Catalysis 12 (2022) 8593−8600 [click]

81. TOC.png
81. A. I. Tsiotsias, B. Ehrhardt, B. Rudolph, L. Nodari, S. Kim, W. Jung, N. D. Charisiou, M. A. Goula, and S. Mascotto*

Bimetallic exsolved heterostructures of controlled composition with tunable catalytic properties

ACS Nano 16(6) (2022) 8904-8916 [click]

80. I. Jeong+, S. J. Jeong+, B.-H. Yun+, J.-W. Lee, C.-W. Lee*, W. Jung*, and K. T. Lee*

+These authors contributed equally to this work. 

Physically driven enhancement of the stability of Bi2O3-based ionic conductors via grain boundary engineering

NPG Asia Materials 14 (2022) 53 [click]

79. S. Kim+, J.-W. Jung+, D. Song, S.-H. Cho, J. Kim, J. K. Kim, D. Oh, H. Sun, E. Cho, I.-D. Kim*, and W. Jung*

+These authors contributed equally to this work. 

Exceptionally durable CoFe-exsolved Sr0.95Nb0.1Co0.7Fe0.2O3–δ catalyst for rechargeable Zn–air batteries

Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 315 (2022) 121553 [click]

hainan sun.png
78. H. Sun+, X. Xu+, H. Kim, W. Jung, W. Zhou*, and Z. Shao*

+These authors contributed equally to this work. 

Electrochemical Water Splitting: Bridging the Gaps between Fundamental Research and Industrial Applications

Energy & Environmental Materials (2022) [click]

77. S. Park+, D. Oh+, J. Ahn, J. K. Kim, D. H. Kim, S. Kim, C. Park, W. Jung*, and I. -D. Kim*

+These authors contributed equally to this work. 

Promoting ex-solution from metal-organic framework-mediated oxide scaffold for highly active and robust catalysts

Advanced Materials 34 (2022) 2201109 [click]


76. H. Sun, H. Kim, S. Song, and W. Jung*


Copper Foam-Derived Electrodes as Efficient Electrocatalysts for Conventional and Hybrid Water Electrolysis

Materials Reports: Energy 2(2) (2022) 100092 [click]

75. J. Seo+, S. Kim+S. Jeon, S. Kim, J. H. Kim*, and W. Jung*

+These authors contributed equally to this work. 

Nanoscale Interface Engineering for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells using Atomic Layer Deposition

Nanoscale Advances 4 (2022) 1060-1073 [click]

-Invited review-

74. J. H. Kim, J. Hong, D.-K. Lim, S. Ahn, J. Kim, J. K. Kim, D. OhS. Jeon, S.-J. Song*, and W. Jung*

Water as Hole-Predatory Instrument to Create Metal Nanoparticles on Triple-Conducting Oxides

Energy & Environmental Science 15 (2022) 1097-1105 [click]

-Back Cover-

73. J. H. Kim, K. Jang, D.-K. Lim, S. Ahn, D. Oh, H. Kim, J. Seo, P.-P. Choi, and W. Jung*


Self-Assembled Nano-Composite Perovskites as Highly Efficient and Robust Hybrid Cathode for Solid Oxide Fuel Cell

Journal of Materials Chemistry A 10 (2022) 2496-2508 [click]

72. H. Sun+, J. Liu+, G. Chen, H. Kim, S. Kim, Z. Hu, J.-M. Chen, S.-C. Haw, F. Ciucci*W. Jung*

+These authors contributed equally to this work. 

Hierarchical structure of CuO nanowires decorated with Ni(OH)2 supported on Cu foam for hydrogen production via urea electrocatalysis

Small Methods 6(1) (2022) 2101017 [click]

71. S. Lee+, H. Ha+, K. T. Bae+, S. Kim, H. Choi, J. Lee, J. H. KimJ. Seo, J. S. Choi, Y.-R. Jo, B.-J. Kim, Y. Yang, K. T. Lee*, H. Y. Kim*, and W. Jung*

+These authors contributed equally to this work. 

A Measure of Active Interfaces in Supported Catalysts for High-temperature Reactions

Chem 8 (2022) 1-21 [click]

70. S. Lee, C. Lin, S. Kim, X. Mao, T. Kim, S. -J. Kim, R. J. Gorte*, and W. Jung*

Manganese Oxide Overlayers Promote CO Oxidation on Pt

ACS Catalysis 11 (2021) 13935-13946 [click]

69. H. Sun, Y. Zhu, and W. Jung*

Tuning Reconstruction Level of Precatalysts to Design Advanced Oxygen Evolution Electrocatalysts

Molecules 26 (2021) 5476  [click]

68. N. Kim, M. Shin, S. Jun, B. Choi, J. Kim, J. Park, H. Kim, W. Jung, J.-Y. Lee, Y.-H. Cho, and B. Shin*

Highly Efficient Vacuum-Evaporated CsPbBr3 Perovskite Light-Emitting Diodes with an Electrical Conductivity Enhanced Polymer-Assisted Passivation Layer

ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 13 (2021) 37323–37330  [click]

graphical abstract_acta (2021).png
67. D.-K. Lim, N. W. Kwak, J.-S. Kim, H. Kim, B.-K. Kim, Y.-C. Kim, and W. Jung*


Ni Diffusion in Ceria lattice: A Combined Experimental and Theoretical Study

Acta Materialia (2021) (Online Published) [click]

66. H. Sun, S. Song, X. Xu, J. Dai, J. Yu, W. Zhou, Z. Shao*, and W. Jung*


Recent Progress on Structurally Ordered Materials for Electrocatalysis

Advanced Energy Materials (2021) 2101937 [click]

65. H. Sun* and W. Jung


Recent Advances in Doped Ruthenium Oxides as High-Efficiency Electrocatalysts for Oxygen Evolution Reaction

Journal of Materials Chemistry A 9 (2021) 15506-15521 [click]

64. B. Koo+, J. Chu+, J. Seo, G. Jung, S. H. Baek, S. -W. Nam, C. Duah,  Y. K. Lee*, W. Jung*, and B. Shin*
+These authors contributed equally to this work. 

Drop-casted Platinum Nanocube Catalysts for Hydrogen Evolution Reaction with Ultrahigh Mass Activity

ChemSusChem 14 (2021) 2585-2590 [click]