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Advancing High-performance Hydrogen Energy Devices through Materials Insight
Targeted Future Applications
1. Reversible Fuel Cells
We aim to implement a solid-state electrochemical device capable of transitioning between two modes: as a fuel cell and an electrolysis cell. During periods of surplus electricity on the grid, it can efficiently convert electrical energy into hydrogen through the electrolysis mode. Conversely, when there is an electricity deficit, it seamlessly shifts into fuel cell mode to generate power, effectively contributing to grid stability and the efficient integration of renewable energy sources.
2. Direct Ammonia Fuel Cells
We aim to create a fuel cell that can directly harness the potential of the next-generation hydrogen carrier, ammonia, eliminating the necessity for supplementary reforming procedures. Ammonia exhibits the remarkable property of easy liquefaction at moderate pressure and ambient temperature, along with one of the highest gravimetric and volumetric hydrogen densities among carbon-free energy carriers. These exceptional attributes position it as an optimal fuel for both transportation and on-demand electricity generation.
3. Electrochemical High-value Fuel Synthesis
We aim to achieve efficient production of a wide range of high-value fuels, including but not limited to ammonia, methane, ethylene, aromatics, using electrochemical cells. Additionally, we plan to employ a hybrid device that incorporates alkaline electrochemical cells, enabling the simultaneous generation of hydrogen and valuable chemicals such as aldehydes, acids, and formate.
4. Novel Plastic Upcycling Process
We aim to pioneer an innovative process technology that leverages supported catalysts for the efficient and selective transformation of waste polyethylene into a spectrum of high-value chemicals, including methane, butane, gasoline, diesel, wax, lubricants, and more, all achieved with exceptional efficiency and selectivity. Additionally, we aspire to integrate this process into a high-efficiency plastic-based energy production system in conjunction with ceramic fuel cells.
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