Basic research:
Reaction kinetics at the gas/oxide or gas/metal/oxide interface
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How to stabilize metal nanoparticles for use as
chemical/electrochemical catalyst at high temperatures?
  • Ex-solution dynamics/energetics
  • Advanced processes of ex-solution
  • Surface Sr segregation in perovskite oxides
  • Physical protection by inorganic scaffolds
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How to identify the reaction sites and pathways of
composite metal/oxide nanocatalysts?
  • Extremely narrow distribution of size and mono-dispersed nanoparticles
  • Metal@oxide core-shell nanoparticles
  • Ex-solution metal nanoparticles
  • Metal-decorated mixed conducting oxide electrodes
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Based on the insight into the active interface, 
how do you create nanostructures for high performance electrodes of catalysts?
  • Nanostructure manufacturing processe: CELD (cathodic electrochemical deposition)
  • functional ceramic/metal catalyst with the encapsulated structure
Catalysis for Energy Conversion
(Fuel cells / electrolyzers / solar fuels / reformers)
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