Basic Research: Reaction kinetics at the gas/oxide or gas/metal/oxide interface

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How to stabilize metal nanoparticles for use as chemical/electrochemical catalysts at high temperatures?

- Ex-solution Dynamics/Energetics

- Advanced Processes of Ex-solution


- Surface Sr Segregation in Perovskite Oxides


- Physical Protection by Inorganic Scaffolds

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How to identify the reaction sites and pathways of composite metal/oxide nanocatalysts?

- Extremely Narrow Distribution of Size and Monodispersed Nano-Particles 


Metal@Oxide Core-shell Nano-Particles


- Ex-solution Metal Nano-Particles

- Metal-decorated Mixed Conducting Oxide Electrodes


Based on the insight into the active interface, how do you create nanostructures for high performance electrodes or catalysts?

- Nanostructure Manufacturing Processes: CELD


- Functional Ceramic/Metal Catalyst with the Encapsulated Structure

Applications: Catalysis for energy conversion

(Fuel cells, Electrolyzers, Solar Fuels, Reformers)

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