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Thermodynamics of Materials (MS212)

 This course guides students to understand thermodynamic behaviors of materials systems. Students will learn the laws of thermodynamics and their application to equilibrium and the properties of materials. Statistical interpretation of thermodynamic properties and basic concept of phase diagrams will also be covered.


     Professor WooChul Jung 정우철 (Rm 2406, W1-1,

Teaching Assistant

     Bonjae Koo 구본재 (Rm 5409, W1-1,

     Joo-Hyung Kim 김주형 (Rm 3312, W1-1,


Class Hours

     Tuesday, Thursday (Rm 2427, W1; 14:30 - 15:45)

Office Hours

     Monday, Wednesday (Rm 2406, W1-1; 13:30 - 15:30)

Grade Calculation

     Attendance                                 10%

     Homework                                  10%

     Quiz1 (04/10)                             20%

     Quiz2 (05/20)                             20%

     Final exam (06/17)                    40%

Text Book

     Introduction to the Thermodynamics of Materials (5th Ed., David R. Gaskell, 2008)


No Class on the Following Dates
     04/22, 04/24 (Mid-term Period)

     05/06 (Buddha’s Birthday)

Last Day of Class
     06/12 (Last Class), 06/17 (Final Exam)

수업 설명 자료 (Lecture materials)

    Course Syllabus:  [click]


Materials Science Aspects of Rechareable Batteries (MS658)

Solid State Electrochemical for Energy Storage and Conversion

 Limitations in accessible fossil fuels and increases in world population have lead to large increases in the cost of fossil fuels. In addition, worldwide concern about the environmental consequences of fossil fuel combustion has increasingly grown, demanding economic and efficient energy systems. Electrochemical means of converting and storing energy have great promise as alternative energy options for transportation and stationary applications due to their superior efficiencies. In this class, students will learn fundamental concepts and tools of electrochemistry based on materials science and further focus on the understanding of the operation mechanism and the material requirements of various advanced electrochemical devices, including batteries, fuel cells and electrochemical capacitors.




          Professor WooChul Jung 정우철 (Rm 2406, W1-1,


Teaching Assistant:

         Chang Kyu Jeong 정창규 (Tel: 042-350-3383,


Class Hours:

          Monday, Wednesday, Friday (Rm 1317, 13:00 – 13:50)


Office Hours:

          By appointment  


Web site:


Grade Calculation:

          Participation                              50%

          Quiz1&2                                     20%

          Final project                               30%


수업 설명 자료 (Lecture materials)

          Course Syllabus : [click]


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